Have You Accessorized Your Weed Trimmer?

Have You Accessorized Your Weed Trimmer?

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I love going to lawn-and-garden and landscaper trade shows. In recent years, one area that has caught my eye is weed trimmer accessories.

The day is long gone when you get a weed trimmer just for trimming weeds. Now you need to consider the options offered. Do you want to till, de-thatch, mow or cut brush? The same power head that does all that may be able to trim your hedge, edge your lawn, prune branches and blow or sweep away lawn debris.

I love the idea of utilizing the power in your average weed trimmer for other purposes. I have a blade for mine. When I hit bushes or small saplings that the cord can’t slice through, I swap out the cord head for the blade head. The blade is a wickedly dangerous piece of equipment, but boy, does it ever slice through the brush.

One of the neatest attachments that I’ve seen in recent years is the quick-load string head. I know you can now buy pre-loaded heads, but that is a little too over-the-top of consumer ease for me. However, the quick-load got my attention at the Green Industry Expo a few years ago. You don’t have to take apart the head and wind the cords and then get the head back on without the cords springing loose. I know for coordinated people, it’s no big deal. For me, it is. With the quick-load, just slip the cord through the head and wind it into place. I love it.

So before you buy your next trimmer, think “power head” and potential accessories. You may be surprised how much you can do with one piece of equipment.

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