Tiny Home Inspiration: Bring Your Plants Indoors

Tiny Home Inspiration: Bring Your Plants Indoors

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PHOTO: @whitneyleighmorris/Instagram

It’s said that getting in touch with nature—whether it be growing spinach and strawberries in your raised-bed garden or taking a hike under in a hemlock forest—can bring peace and relaxation to our overstressed bodies. Designer Whitney Leigh Morris has taken advantage of this notion when decorating her 362-square-foot craftsman-style tiny home in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 1920s-area tiny home (who knew tiny houses were a thing during the Roaring Twenties?!) shares a yard with another home of the same era and incorporates sleek design and storage options in every inch, proving that you don’t have to forgo beauty and style in order to live simply and functionally. Our favorite part: There are botanicals everywhere!

Whitney shares her tiny house—dubbed the Tiny Canal Cottage—with her hubby and two rescue beagles and is expecting a baby boy in October.

Take a peek at their home below for ideas for incorporating your favorite plants into your living space. Find more inspiration at the Tiny Canal Cottage website and on Instagram @whitneyleighmorris.

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