Garden-to-Table Recipe Contest

Garden-to-Table Recipe Contest

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The editors of Urban Farm are hosting a contest for readers to submit their favorite original recipes using ingredients from their gardens, farmers markets, community-supported-agriculture programs and local farms. Contestants can enter their recipes in any of five categories: Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entrée and Dessert.


Winners will be chosen based on best use of local ingredients and, most of all, flavor!

Appetizer: Let’s start our 5-course meal off right with some homemade salsa or bacon-wrapped asparagus. Got a special twist on spinach dip? Send it in!

Soup: Hot or cold, sweet or savory — what soup feeds your soul?

Salad: Think outside the CSA box: walnuts, blue cheese, fruit and more can make greens sing. Share your favorite combo, and don’t forget the dressing!

Entrée: How about a pasta dish served with a sauce of tomato and basil freshly plucked from your garden? Maybe some local salmon drizzled with a homemade dill glaze. Got a coop? How about a piping frittata or savory scramble using fresh eggs or your grandmother’s down-home fried chicken?

Dessert: Don’t forget the most important course! Anything goes here; just be sure your ingredients are locally grown and real. (And don’t worry; we’re not counting calories!)

The winning recipes will be published in the November/December 2013 issue of Urban Farm, in our first-annual Food Issue. (Photos courtesy Hollyhock: Garden to Table.)

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