France Mandates Green Roofs

France Mandates Green Roofs

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PHOTO: Marissa Huber/Flickr

Tomatoes on every rooftop in France! It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, maybe not. Last week, the French government passed legislation that would require all capable commercial buildings be built with partial green roofs or solar panels. While this wasn’t quite the law that eco-activists in the country pushed for—they, of course, wanted full green roofs on every building—we still say it’s a big win for sustainability in the land of Champagne and croissants.

France is putting a lot of work into greening up their nation (perhaps in preparation for the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference that will be held in Paris later this year), and we’re big fans of some of their more valiant efforts including a ban on hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) and new wind turbines on none other than the Eiffel Tower herself.

To help French businesses plan for their green roofs, here are some of our favorite Instagram snapshots of #greenroofs. Vive durabilité!

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