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The Philadelphia Flower Show was last week and every year I swear I’m going to go and here passed another year without a trip.

And this was certainly the year to go. With all this snow, a little ‘green’ pick me up was certainly in order but it was not to be. Family priorities, travel hassles and expense too often get in the way of that kind of stuff.

I heard from a friend who had the fortune of visiting the show that it was just phenomenal. Did anyone go? What did you think? Have a favorite exhibit?

Since I didn’t get to Philadelphia, I took a mini-‘green’ trip to my favorite local nursery on Monday afternoon.

My husband has wanted to get a large house plant for our front room for the past several months. Admittedly I’m not a house plant person. It’s hard enough for me to take care of all the plants outside (and all the people and animals inside!) that adding house plants to the list has not been a priority.

I do think it’s a great idea, though, so I suggested he check out the web and try to figure out what kind of plant would work there.

We don’t get much direct light in that window and something tall and upright is best suited to the area so after much searching, he came to me with his selection – a mother-in-law’s tongue (otherwise known as a snake plant).

Not quite the exciting, tropical, lush look I had in my head, but they are kind of cool in their own sparse way. So, my trip to the nursery resulted in ordering a 4-foot-tall mother-in-law’s tongue that is expected to arrive in a week or two.

I hope I can keep it alive!

Watch the video: Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Fields in the World (July 2022).


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